The early years of the Benati Group

Benati had been in existence as a company since 1887 having been founded in Imola by Andrea Benati, late 19th Century entrepreneur. This small company used to build agriculture machines (ploughs) and continued its production until the mid-1950's.
It was Renato Bacchini who, acquiring the company and constituting the Benati Spa, established the turning point of the production, which in the meantime had evolved into the construction of tools for heavy-duty machinery. In those years the technical structures of the company were improved, and pre-existing agricultural tractors started being modified: so the first BEN bulldozers were created, with mechanical and then hydraulic control. Soon followed the first front and front-back loaders. Also, some applications where studied for the large Caterpillar, International and Allis Chalmers tractors.

In the meantime, Benati Group began to present on the earthmoving market some more complex large tools and machines of its own design. In 1961 Benati built its first earthmoving machine, the MAX 70, a crawler excavator. In 1962 it was the turn of the Max 80 (a fully hydraulic crawler excavator that represents the base model for most of the excavators developed over the following years) and of its first fully own-design/production wheeled loader: the Ben 35 Industrial. In 1963 were released the first two BEN backhoe loaders equipped with the famous “giraffe” back excavator.
In the 1960's the Benati Group was already known, other than in Italy, in many European and Eastern European countries, and particularly in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. By the end of that decade Renato Bacchini started constituting the other, previously mentioned, Companies of the Group, giving each one of them a specific production, in order to simplify the manufacturing process; an innovative intuition for those times.