Who we are

The Company

The Benati Group was originally founded in Imola, Italy in 1960's by Renato Bacchini, and  it was an industrial group that developed in the production of earthmoving machines.
Although he group was constituted by several smaller companies specialized in the manufacturing of different types of earthmoving machines, mechanical components and hydraulic systems for earthmoving and construction, the first and most important company of the group was Benati Spa, funded in 1961.
During its existence the Benati group was characterized by significant changes and underwent a surprising and development.

After the death of the founder, and the subsequent acquisition of the Group by an external competitor, machines ceased to be produced under the Benati (also known as the BEN) brand since 1996; however Benati products are still very much wanted in the pre-owned machinery and in the spare components market.
The wide diffusion of the BEN brand is certainly to be attributed to the direct management on the Group operated by the Bacchini family, that always focused on a direct relationship producer-consumer, through an effective before-sale and after-sale customer assisntance.

In December 2010, under the initiative of Renato Bacchini's daughter, Mrs. Isabella Maria Bacchini, Benati Group Srl. was constituted with the goal of bring back on the market machines with the Benati Brand, with the same quality and above all with the same technical assistance that made Benati a worldwide famous brand.